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Customer Reviews

Don't take our word for it.

We built our company on great word of mouth spread from one customer to the next.  We don't advertise because we don't need to.  Our success is built one home at a time, and we rely on the customer satisfaction of every single client to keep us going.  That means that you can count on getting a quality built and beautiful home at extremely fair prices.  And if the photos on our Portfolio page don't convince you that Curtis Willoughby Construction is the right builder for you, then maybe you'll be interested in what our clients say about us.

"When we looked at [Curtis Willoughby Construction] houses, we saw a difference in the workmanship.  Our home is quality built in every way."  - Randy and Penny Sigler

"We firmly believe that we could not have found better than [Curtis Willoughby Construction].  From the beginning of the entire process, Mr. Willoughby worked in the most professional manner.  He was patient with us as new homebuilders but also kept us on track and schedule.  We see every day what a wonderful job [Curtis Willoughby Construction] did in completing the home."  - Andrew Atcher

"Curtis Willoughby Construction has an undisputed reputation for quality workmanship.  Curtis Willoughby Construction are second-to-none and exceeded our expectations in the construction of our custom built-ins, curved walls, and extensive wall and ceiling trim.  The bond of trust between Curtis Willoughby Construction and I gave me a peace of mind...and was invaluable to the harmonious, successful completion of our home."  - Mike Pence

"Curtis Willoughby Construction demonstrates the highest integrity.  They are fine craftsmen and have exquisite attention to detail.  They are very accessible answered any questions that we had.  They have been willing to accommodate any changes and have been very accessible to us."  - Dr. Chris J. Godfrey

"Curtis Willoughby Construction is highly sought in our community because he has made his reputation by building one fine home at a time. He is very easy to work with, and his work is of the highest quality."  - David H. Overall

"It was a pleasure working with Curtis Willoughby Construction.  They are all skilled and talented people.  They are truly craftsmen of their trade - a distinction absent in many contractors today.  Before choosing Curtis Willoughby Construction, we visited three homes which they had built.  Each homeowner expressed complete satisfaction...and showed us quality construction points about each home.  All of the homeowners discussed what a pleasure it had been to work with Curtis Willoughby Construction."  - Raymond and Berni Miller

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